Illuminating initiative to make region's roads safer

Humberside & South Yorkshire: Effort to reduce deaths on the roads

23 Feb 2016

Police and road safety experts will be shining a light on bad driving over the coming months in an effort to reduce the number of deaths on the roads of South Yorkshire and Humberside.

The aim of the Safer Roads Humber is to make the regions roads safer.

A multi-faceted operation was launched on Tuesday February 16, entitled Operation Illuminate, which will aim to reduce fatalities and all road casualties through education and partnership intervention work, as well as through police enforcement and targeting specific roads across the South Yorkshire and Humberside force areas. 

A total of 20* people died following collisions on Humberside’s roads in 2015 and a further 29 people lost their lives in 2014 and 27 in 2013. 

From initial findings it seems the main contributory factors to fatal road accidents are speed, driver behaviour, not driving to the road conditions and driving whilst being over the prescribed limit. 

It aligns with and complements the five year roads policing strategy of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, which is geared to reducing road collisions, and will work to the National Roads Policing Calendar.

The calendar features a variety of campaigns and also incorporates various local initiatives that will reflect the problems on the county’s roads. They will result in campaigns that target key demographics, such as young drivers and drug driving.

Key “at risk” routes and locations across the county will also be identified and targeted by police officers using specialist equipment and enforcement. 

Chief Inspector Glen Suttenwood, Head of Roads Policing for South Yorkshire and Humberside, said: “76 people died in fatal collisions on Humberside’s Roads in the last three calendar years – resulting in a huge amount of pain and heartache for so many people.

“Not only will we target specific roads that have a fatal collision history but through partnership working, we will also target specific groups through education and training. 

“We need to ensure both the road safety and enforcement messages are delivered to those road users who, as a result of their actions, may endanger themselves and others.

“The focus of Operation Illuminate will be to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads and to prevent the devastating impact that the loss of a loved one has on individuals and families.”

*The number of people killed in Humberside in 2015 is still to be ratified, and could be subject to small change.